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Things You Need To Know About Sewer Cleaning

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Whether you are connected to the municipal sewer line or have a septic system, it is important that you understand a few things about the drain pipes from your home. You should understand about keeping them clean and maintaining them as well as knowing the signs of a problem. If you own your home, you will be responsible for taking care of any sewer cleaning or repairs. If you are a renter, you need to know when to call the landlord about an issue. Here are a few things you need to know.


Of course, the best way to keep the sewer clean is by not putting things down any drain that are not meant to go through the system. This means you should not scrape your dishes into the sink, flush kitty litter down the toilet, or pour used grease down the drain. Water, liquid and solid human wastes, and toilet paper are the only things you should allow down the drains.

Of course, many people use a garbage disposal in the sink and feel that allows them to put other things down the drain. However, this is not true; the disposal should only be used for particles that slip through the drain plug mesh accidentally. Be sure to always use some type of trap or mesh in the drain all the drains in your house and clean them out regularly.

Signs There Is a Problem

Having sewage back up into your bathtub or a sink that refuses to drain are obvious signs that something is wrong in your sewer pipes. However, there are some other, less obvious signs you need to be aware of as well. If you notice a gurgling sound when no one is using any water in the house, it is because the water is stuck and trying to ease around the clog. Another sign of a problem is when you find random water puddles in the kitchen or a bathroom, especially if you notice you have a higher water bill than normal. This will happen when there is a leak somewhere in the system.

Be sure to pay attention to what is going down your drains to reduce the chance of a problem, If you notice one of the signs of a problem it is usually best to contact a professional sewer cleaning company to determine what the issue is and the best course of action for resolving it.