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How Do You Get Rid Of Mold In A Crawl Space?

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If you haven't taken steps to waterproof your crawl space, it's most likely harboring mold. Crawl spaces are full of organic material that mold can eat, like wood and insulation. When a crawl space is too humid, it will provide mold with the moisture that it needs to thrive.

Removing mold from a crawl space can be difficult since it's difficult to move around in such a cramped area, and there may be spaces that are difficult for you to reach. However, you can still remove as much mold as possible and take steps to prevent it from coming back. To get rid of all the mold in your crawl space, follow the steps below.

1. Set Up Exhaust Fans to Control the Mold Spores

When you disturb mold, it will release numerous spores into the air. It's important to make sure that these spores don't float upwards into your home, since they can lead to mold growing inside your home. Before touching the mold, set up fans in the crawl space pointing towards the entrance. This will blow the mold spores outdoors instead of allowing them to rise into your home.

2. Wear a Respirator to Protect Yourself From Spores

Mold can be hazardous to your health, so it's important to wear a respirator that's rated for mold protection when you're removing it. In an enclosed environment like a crawl space, the air will quickly become thick with mold spores. A respirator will stop you from inhaling any mold spores that are released when you disturb it.

3. Dispose of the Moldy Insulation

Moldy insulation can't be salvaged, so you'll need to remove and replace it. Remove all of the insulation from the ceiling of your crawl space and double bag it in trash bags. Putting it in two bags reduces the chances that any mold spores will escape. Afterward, dispose of the bags in the trash. It's also a good idea to take measurements of the areas where you've removed insulation since this will make it easy to find out how much replacement insulation you'll need to purchase.

4. Remove the Mold From the Wood

First, you'll need to remove the mold that's on the surface of the wood in your crawl space. Spray hydrogen peroxide onto moldy areas and scrape off the surface mold using a stiff wire brush. After the surface mold is gone, spray mold killer onto the wood. The mold killer will penetrate the wood and kill the mold roots. Combining the two products works best, since removing the surface mold first will allow the mold killer to soak into the wood.

5. Dry Out Your Crawl Space

Once all of the mold is gone, you'll need to prevent it from coming back. If your crawl space doesn't have a vapor barrier, you'll need to install one in order to prevent moisture from rising up from the soil. You'll also need to divert your home's gutters away from the crawl space to prevent rainwater from entering it. Once the sources of humidity are gone, rent a dehumidifier and place it in the crawl space in order to fully dry it out. If you keep your crawl space dry, the mold will never come back.

If you aren't comfortable moving around in your crawl space or if there are too many areas you can't reach, call a professional mold remediation service and have them remove the mold. Mold removal professionals will set up fans so that the mold spores don't spread into your home, and they'll be able to entirely eliminate all the mold infesting your home's crawl space. 

For more information about mold remediation, contact a local company.