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Easy-Peasy Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your RV Solar Panels

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There are basically three types of power supply for an RV: site-based electricity, generator power, and solar power. While both electrical power and generator power can have their advantages, solar power is free and efficient once you have your RV solar panel kit installed. However, getting the most out of an RV solar panel kit means you should know a few things about this modern power source for your mobile recreational vehicle. Too many RV owners treat their solar panels like an after-the-fact power source that rarely gets any use. Here are a few easy-peasy tips to get the most out of your RV solar panel kit. 

Make your RV more energy efficient so solar energy lasts longer. 

One of the biggest reasons solar panels are not relied on as much as they should be after installation is because the energy gets drained quickly if the RV is not as efficient as it should be where energy use is concerned. You can easily make some changes to the RV so what solar energy you have available lasts as long as possible. A few examples of things you can do include:

  • Switching all light bulbs to LEDs 
  • Swap out a tube TV to a flat screen that utilizes less energy
  • Update older appliances

Get familiar with how geographic location can affect energy harvesting. 

Some RV owners who find themselves unsatisfied with their solar panel kit after installation are forgetting one big thing: where you are geographically speaking can affect how much solar energy you are able to harvest. If you are situated in a far north location and not getting a lot of sunlight every day, of course, your solar reserves are not going to have as much. Travel further south and get away from cloud cover, and your panels will fill reserves a lot faster. Before assuming your solar setup isn't functioning well, look around you and see how your environment could be affecting processes. 

Pay attention to how you store harvested solar power. 

In some cases, you will not get the most from your panels because the storage unit you are using for your harvested solar power is not doing a great job. If you are not using lithium batteries, for example, part of the solar energy stored may dissipate before it ever gets used. Some solar panel kits will come with cheaper storage or no storage at all, so do your homework and determine what will work out the best for your solar system and energy needs.